Shukraan Band

Shukraan's Music: A Fusion of Traditions

Shukraan: A Multi-Genre Band Winning Hearts

Shukraan is a multi-genre popular band that has been winning the hearts of audiences with its soulful music. The band is led by Harish Moyal, a versatile performer who has a knack for understanding the pulse of the audience and creating magic on stage. Shukraan’s music is a blend of traditional and contemporary genres, with influences from Bollywood, Sufi, and Western music. The band’s repertoire includes evergreen songs of all eras, ensuring that everyone will be on the dance floor.

Evergreen Songs for All

Shukraan’s repertoire includes a wide range of songs, from Bollywood classics to Sufi anthems to Western pop hits. The band’s ability to seamlessly transition between genres ensures that everyone will find something to enjoy. Shukraan’s performances are always high-energy and engaging, and the band is known for its ability to get the crowd moving.

Shukraan: A Band for All Occasions

Shukraan is a versatile band that is perfect for any occasion. The band has performed at weddings, corporate events, and private parties. Shukraan is also a regular performer at music festivals and cultural events. Whether you are looking for a band to entertain your guests at a party or to provide the soundtrack to your special event, Shukraan is the perfect choice.

Shukraan: A Must-See Band

Shukraan is a must-see band for anyone who loves soulful music and high-energy performances. The band’s unique blend of traditional and contemporary genres, along with its charismatic lead singer, makes Shukraan one of the most sought-after bands in India. If you have the opportunity to see Shukraan live, do not miss it. You are in for a treat.


Hindi, Punjabi, Sufi


10 Performing Members


90 - 120 Min Performance


Band Travels from Mumbai