An apartment, or flat is a self-contained housing unit type of residential that occupies only part of a building.

Best Live Bands In Delhi | Sufi Rock Band​ Authentic Sufi Music for Your Next Event Best Live Bands in Delhi, The beautiful amalgamation of the old and the new. The ancient music of the saints to the pulse of the new generation. Keeping the evergreen popularity of this genre Musical Dreams has designed this … Continue reading Sufi Rock Band

Roohani Band A Live Music Experience That Will Captivate Your Senses In the realm of music, where melodies intertwine and emotions take flight, emerges Roohani, a live band that weaves together a tapestry of soulful sounds, transforming any occasion into a captivating celebration. With their rich and elegant sound, Roohani is a band that has … Continue reading Roohani Band

The Whiskey Boys A Band to Get Your Party Started The Whiskey Boys: A Band to Get Your Party Started Music and fun are a natural combination, and The Whiskey Boys band is here to make sure that your next event is full of both. This versatile, new-age band has a style and charm that … Continue reading The Whiskey Boys

NO NONSENSE LIVE BAND No Nonsense Band: A Versatile and Experienced Group of Musicians The No Nonsense Band is a stylish and versatile band that is popular with both the old and the new generation. Their song list includes a variety of songs ranging from Retro, Bollywood, Sufi, and Bollywood Punjabi music. The aura of … Continue reading No Nonsense Band

Musical Sa- Ga A Symphony of Soothing Vocals and Enchanting Flute In the realm of music, where melodies intertwine and emotions take flight, emerges Musical Saga, a duo that weaves together the soothing caress of vocals and the enchanting melodies of the flute. Their music, a tapestry of tranquility and allure, is perfectly suited for … Continue reading Musical SA-GA

Shukraan Band Shukraan’s Music: A Fusion of Traditions Shukraan: A Multi-Genre Band Winning Hearts Shukraan is a multi-genre popular band that has been winning the hearts of audiences with its soulful music. The band is led by Harish Moyal, a versatile performer who has a knack for understanding the pulse of the audience and creating … Continue reading Shukraan the band

Harish Moyal The Soulful Voice of Indian Music ‘Indian Idol” Season one Top Finalist.Big Star IMA award 2011” Holder for best Sufi song of the year, he also got appreciated for his acting and singing skills in a very renowned Musical – Umrao Jaan Ada Music by Saleem-Suleman and IPTAs play Aakhri Shama. Harish Moyal … Continue reading New Harish Moyal

SHIBANI KASHYAP BOLLYWOOD FEMALE SINGER IN INDIA Shibani Kashyap is a multi-talented popular playback and pop singer, composer and live performer whose voice received unique recognition starting with the signature tune of AIR FM channel of All India Radio. Her super hit songs like HO GAYI HAI MOHABBAT, the soulful SAJNA AA BHI JAA, the blockbusters … Continue reading Shibani Kashyap

https://www.musicaldreams.in/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Sonu-Nigam-For-booking-events.mp4 Sonu Nigam: A Musical Icon Captivating Audiences with Musical Dreams In the realm of Indian music, Sonu Nigam stands as a towering figure, a maestro who has captivated audiences with his mesmerizing vocals and versatility for over two decades. His collaborations with Musical Dreams, a premier event management company, have resulted in a series … Continue reading Sonu Nigam

https://www.musicaldreams.in/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/Benny.mp4 Benny Dayal A Live Performer Extraordinaire Benny Dayal is not just a playback singer, he’s also a live performer who electrifies audiences with his energy and charisma. Having performed on countless stages across the globe, he has earned a reputation for delivering captivating performances that leave fans wanting more. A Stage Presence Like No … Continue reading Benny Dayal