Roohani Band: Live Music to Elevate Your Events

Elevate Your Event with Roohani Band's Live Music

Music turns occasions into celebrations. Our Band Roohani is a live band which will create a mesmerizing experience in your party. It is a very popular band for weddings and is liked by all age groups. The soothing music played creates a romantic and calming experience in your occasion. It is much a sought-after live band especially for weddings and is very popular for bridal entries.
Roohani band adds a touch of beauty, grace, and class to your event. It is a popular band for weddings because it is rich and elegant in not only in looks but in music as well. It is one of the best unplugged set ups in weddings. The song list of Roohani is chosen with great detailing and precision. The songs are dedicated for the right occasion be it a wedding, sangeet, cocktail or any other private or corporate celebration. The musicality and the melody of unplugged live band Roohani go hand in hand. It has set its bar higher as one of the most popular wedding bands in the country because of its uniqueness and stylization. Despite being a popular live wedding band, It is even highly recommended by many for home parties and smaller set ups as it has a very soothing and pleasant aura surrounding it. It emits beauty not just in appearance but also in its soulful music. 
A lot of event planners book this live band as it is a class apart and creates a different environment rather than being one of the usual. Roohani has quite a few successful shows to its credit and is looking forward to stealing more hearts and being a part of wedding celebrations all over India and across the globe too.

Unforgettable Live Music for Weddings, Sangeets & More


Bollywood | Romantics


6 Performing Members


90 - 120 Min Performance


Band Travels from Delhi

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