Musical SA GA

Soft Melodious, Mesmerizing

Musical Sa Ga is a soothing live band in India that creates a soulful, intimate atmosphere perfect for weddings, corporate events, and anyone seeking a unique musical experience. Their mindful music and curated instruments cater to discerning listeners. Popular for their serene style and angelic aura, Musical Sa Ga is ideal for those who enjoy meaningful music and truly appreciate the power of sound.

Specializing in beautiful bridal entry music in India, Musical Sa Ga also performs auspicious and devotional songs for pheras and other special ceremonies. Their compact size makes them perfect for smaller, intimate gatherings, but their minimalist approach doesn’t compromise their musically grand performances – truly setting them apart.

In an era of background music, Musical Sa Ga stands out. Their tranquility, intimacy, and ability to transport listeners to a peaceful, beautiful space make them a truly special choice.


Romantics | Bollywood


5 Performing Members


90 - 120 Min Performance


Band Travels from Delhi