Musical SA GA

Soft Melodious, Mesmerizing

Musical Sa Ga is a soothing band which mesmerises your senses and creates an ambience of soulfulness around you through it’s music. This band has been created with mindful music and instruments to cater to a different audience and present its diversity in music.

This band is popular for wedding and corporates both because of its grace and serenity. It has an innocent and angelic aura and is liked by all age groups. The band is recommended for audiences who like to sit and listen to music and enjoy meaningful music. 

Musical Sa Ga is also favoured for bridal entries and pheras. The band is equipped to perform auspicious and devotional songs for these special occasions and they create an environment of divinity. Being a compact band they are even ideal for small gatherings. Though, seemingly minimalist it is musically grand and that is what sets it apart from other live bands.

In an era, where music often serves as a mere background noise, our live band – Musical Sa Ga stands apart because of its tranquility and intimacy and leaves the audience in a serene and beautiful space


Romantics | Bollywood


5 Performing Members


90 - 120 Min Performance


Band Travels from Delhi