Playback Singer / Performer

Guru Randhawa

Gurshanharjot Singh Randhawa aka Guru Randhawa was born on 30th August 1991. He is an Indian singer, songwriter and music composer associated with Punjabi, Bhangra, Indi-pop and Bollywood music. He is surely a fantastic lyricist and his first debut single “Same Girl”, in collaboration with Arjun, was a massive hit! He’s also known for his tracks such as “Yaar Mol Do”, “ Lahore”, “patola”, “High Rated Gabru”, “Daaru Wargi”, “Suit”, “Ban ja Rani”, “Made in India”, “Ishare Tere”, “ Tere Te”, “Fashion”, “Downtown” and “Slowly Slowly”. Randhawa was born in Nupur, Dera Baba Nanak tehsil in Gurdaspur district. He started performing for small shows in Gurdaspur and then began performing in New Delhi at small parties, functions and college festivals. He was entitled with the tag “GURU” by Bohemia and he continues using the same as his stage name. The 28 year old began writing lyrics at the age of three and started singing at the age of seven. He claims to be a born singer and has actually gone a long way to meet his success in the field. The flourishing Punjabi music industry, which is famous for its catchy numbers, has a long list of contributors. A host of young, energetic and vibrant writers, composers and singers have made Punjabi music industry a success. Adding to the list is the full package in himself, singer Guru Randhawa. The singer is happy about the fact that he is one of the contributors to an industry, which has tracks of all emotions. Randhawa as a singer aims to sing all kinds of songs. Ranging from catchy numbers to soft ones, all could be found in his music. He strives to put in a lot of sense into his songs as well as lyrics. He selects his words carefully, and the same attribute he applies to his songs, each word falling in line in a symmetrical order.
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