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Indian Rock Music is moving beyond cinema and capturing hearts and ears across the country. Even though it is hard to survive as a musician in India without submitting to Bollywood, there are still a few bands in the country that are considered as saving grace of the independent music sense of India. Rock music has already trickled into Bollywood numbers. Many composers dared to try this style & the audience willingly embraced it.The current rock scene in India has a larger following than ever. Recent entry into rock music is increasingly being compared to western bands in terms of production quality. India has produced several rock bands, some of which have made it into mainstream Indian music and achieved some international recognition.In spite of he fact that Bollywood music holds the most prominence and recognition in that Indian music scene, has always existed parallel to it. This genre has given rise to many bands and artists. Even with the dominant Bollywood tracks, the future of rock music looks encouraging, thanks to these independent bands and artists.Bands like the Local Train, Faridkot, Scribe, The Engineers, Indian Ocean, Papon, Parikrama, Astitva the band and many more have changed the look of the music industry in India through their original and independent compositions.



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