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Our Team

Meeta Nagpal


”The Boss who always smiles“

Meeta Nagpal is the heart and brain behind Musical Dreams. If one wants to learn how to smile in every situation and always be positive, she is the one to go to. A mentor in the true sense and the most lovable and easy-going boss one can ask for. Her kindness and goodness comes through her personality. Be it your personal problems or professional, she is always there to lend an ear and give good advice. Humble and down-to-earth are two words made for her. An extremely innovative and creative person too.

Manoj Nagpal


”Always there for us“

Manoj, though not officially a part of Musical Dreams, is “Always There For Us”. Be it the first one to like our links or whistle aloud in the show, organising an after show party or helping us with permissions for our shows. Most important, when Meeta is low or has lost it, he is the only person to get her smile back instantly.



”Who better than him to manage Operations“

‘Hard on the outside and soft on the inside’ – a perfect phrase to describe Binay. It’s only a matter of getting to know him better when you realize he is a ‘best friend’ material. Moody yet caring, tough yet flexible, commanding yet modest. He is a mystery man. You have problems, you go to him. You don’t have problems, you go to him. He is a one-man army. Always on top of his game. Binay is very energetic and pro-active where his work is concerned.



”Our business and artists are in good hands“

The always so jolly and fun-loving, Vishal is a sweetheart. It is almost impossible to say no to him when he asks you to do something, and not because he’s bossy but because of his innocence and goodness. His ‘always ready to help’ nature is something that makes him absolutely special. Be it at any hour of the day, he is always there to help. So when in trouble, you know who to turn towards. And when it comes to his work, he is dedicated and hard-working.

Davender Kaur


”The One Woman Army“

Our oldest member of Musical Dreams. She has seen all our ups and downs and has stood by us. We too, have eaten ladoos on her graduation, rejoiced at her wedding and held her baby on the very first day. Passionate about all her works be it academy operations, costumes, events or backstage management. Perfectionist and reliable to the core.



”The one who greets us all“

She is the first person you see when you enter Musical Dreams and may we add, what a pleasure it is. The shy and the soft-spoken Rageni will help all our students, parents, clients with all their queries and issues, and the elegance and grace with which she does so, is something we can all learn from. So simple yet so stylish. One just cannot miss her everchanging nail art.

Sabita Verma


”The Professional“

Our new member who makes us feel that she is always been there with us. Immersed in work , glued to the laptop, straight forward and sincere. She is in command of herself and never mixes her emotions. We want her to sometimes let go and relax but she is forever ready to miss a party to finish a presentation.



”The quiet genius“

The way we look on stage is what we all have worked on and the way we look on social media is what Radhe alone has worked on. An out and out computer guy who has now started enjoying the hustle bustle of the events after being in the Musical Dreams family. A good friend to everyone who is always willing to lend a helping hand.

I love Acting! it is much more real than life.