Dance classes in Delhi

Musical Dreams Performance Company

Musical Dreams established the Performance Company with a vision to provide artistes with all kinds of opportunity to showcase their talent for different kinds of audience/ events. The performance company members are available to perform globally for all kinds of Corporate, Cultural and Government events. The performance company is segregated into 3 categories which operate as three separate wings of the company.

Dance Collective in delhi

Dance Collective is one of the wings of Musical Dreams Performance Company specially developed to present Dance performances and production at a very professional level for all kinds of live events and digital medium. It comprises of highly talented and professionally trained dancers of the academy and other professional performers from various parts of India and internationally. The performances are choreographed and produced under expert’s supervision to enhance beauty of performances and versatility of art.

Singer Collective in delhi

Singer Collective, a pool of wide range of Performance ready singers of different age groups, is a separate wing of Performance Company to present our Music & Singing productions and performances at a professional level for all kinds of live events and digital medium. The performances are presented under expert supervision of Guru and other experienced celebrity singers from various reality show and playback background as mentors with wide exposure as performer & Director.

Actors  Collective in delhi

Actors Collective is also a separate wing of Performance Company which consists of wide range of trained students from acting & theatre department of academy along with other set of experienced artistes of theatre & acting background in our network. These set of artistes are available for all kinds of workshop and projects for various live events and digital medium.

Music Collective in delhi

Music Collective comprises various kinds and genre of Instrumentalist, Bands and Group Ensembles from different parts of India and globally. The collective has been formed to provide performances from small to even biggest Musical ensemble performances.

Dance is a delicate balance between perfection and beauty.