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Musical Dreams’ Artiste Management is an international level agency which is into managing the careers of talented and prospective artistes from India & abroad. The agency also takes up and organises touring activities for some of the world's most prominent performing artistes and institutions.

The agency was established to foster the objective of discovering and nurturing new talents and work towards the career development of the next generation artistes. Under the direction of Vishal, Binay & Ms.Davender, the agency is co-coordinating an extensive list of performing artistes and institutions. The agency further aims to develop collaborative partnerships to expand its activities at the forefront in performing arts, media and entertainment development.

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Founded by the visionary Artiste and our Managing Director Meeta Nagpal along with the persistent efforts and guidance of Singer Harish Moyal, Musical Dreams is becoming one of the most preferred agencies for performing arts management & production in India and abroad.

With a portfolio of diverse range of artistes along with the in-house teams of ‘Dance Collective’, ‘Singer Collective’ and ‘Music Collective’, we specialise in providing a wide range of performances for various kinds of live and broadcast events.

Artiste Management at Musical Dreams represents all kinds of performing artiste from India and around the world. Our vast resource of talent and wide range of network helps us to provide complete solutions for planning any kind of event and managing professional artistes.

Joining the Musical Dreams’ pool of talent provides professional level training and workshop in Dance, Music, Singing and Acting to the talented artistes. We have successfully conceptualised various domestic and coordinated international musical events in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji Islands and many other countries. We have also coordinated several shows for US, UK, Canada, France, Argentina, Spain and many other countries.


I welcome you all to our beautiful world of Musical Dreams. A world where we all join hands to learn, to teach, to express, to understand and to motivate each other to make our life more joyous and glorious through the world of performing arts.

Musical Dreams is not just an academy or production house. It is a place where artistes of all fields come together to learn and share at their own pace and space, and create something close to their heart.

Once, a mother of my 4 year old student narrated this incident to me. Her few months old son was severely dehydrated and advised intravenous intervention as he was not consuming any water. As a last resort, after trying many tricks she played the song on which her daughter was learning a dance from me. And. Presto! As the music played and her sister danced he drank water and smiled. This really describes us as what we do. Spread happiness and hope.

I am and will always be ever so grateful to our students, parents, clients and Musical Dreams family for being with me and having that confidence for taking us ahead and turning little steps into milestones.

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Music makes you feel a feeling.