Dance classes in Delhi

Studio Rental

The facility of the Musical Dreams ‘Artistic Development Academy’ has two state-of-the-art studios available at Safdarjung Enclave & East Of Kailash for rental and on revenue sharing basis. The centre is suitable for classes in Dance & Music, Lectures, Rehearsals, Photo Shoots, Fitness activities and Theatre workshop.

Our studio features spacious floor area, slip resistant PVC Floors, Mirrors and Barres, and Air conditioning facilities. Other amenities include a spacious reception area and well-appointed washrooms and drinking water facilities.

Space can be booked on rental and revenue sharing basis by phone (+91 8800777224), by mail ( or in person.
All renters must book and pay for space in advance. First-time renters are required to sign a rental agreement policy before using the space. Musical Dreams is unable to guarantee any day, date, or time without a signed agreement.
Safdarjung Academy space is available for Rs. 1000/hour + Rs. 100/hour for A/C usage.

Kailash Colony space is available for Rs. 1000/hour + Rs. 100/hour for A/C usage
The payment of the full months rent (for rentals on hourly basis) must be made by 1st of every month in advance. Payment on revenue sharing basis for a month shall be made within the first week of next month after proper calculation of revenue.
cancellation must be made at least 48 hours in advance for booking on hourly basis and 2 month in advance for booking on revenue sharing basis.
First priority for all time slots is subject to the needs of the Academy and rentals are only guaranteed on a month to month basis.
All renters acknowledge by entering into this agreement, that the rental of the academy space does not constitute a landlord tenant relationship. As such, no tenant rights or privileges extend to any person or entity renting the academy space.
Musical Dreams shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage to property whatsoever or bodily injury, mishappening or illness of any student, however caused, sustained or incurred arising out of or in any way connected with the use of its facilities.
Foods, Drinks, Smoking are not allowed in the studios.
It is the responsibility of the renter to leave the studio clean.
Every rental cannot exceed time frame submitted on rental contract, without prior consent or extra payment
All renters agree that they are responsible for the care and condition of the Academy Studio facility and equipment
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