Shukraan Band


A musical Rooh-Rihan

When we live in divinity each moment is a celebration. Shukraan is our musical ode to connect us to the divine and to the divine in us.

The easiest way to open all hearts is through MUSIC. Sufi music has the mystical power to connect people not only to themselves also to the supreme.

It is our endeavor to share and spread the beauty and bliss of soulful music.  Musical Dreams (Artistic Development  Academy, Talent Management Company, Production House) together with Harish Moyal ( IMA award winner for Sufi 2011 and a world wide performer) created  SHUKRAAN.   Shukraan beautifully harmonises together spirituality, creativity and entertainment to touch the hearts of people across boundaries, across generations and across languages.

Invoking in our lives


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