Musical Dreams

Welcome to Musical Dreams

MUSICAL DREAMS - an Artistic Development Academy & Entertainment Production House is one of the leading Professional Performing & Preparatory Company in the field of Dance, Drama & Music with significant milestones in the field of performing arts.

MUSICAL DREAMS is a group of highly talented professional dancers, singers, actors and writers. The company works with renowned and experienced professional choreographers, directors, teachers and other freelance & guest artistes from India and abroad.

We shape dreams and provide training and platform to guide you in your journey of artistic development in a career which takes the nobility of your own talent to your profession. Join us to experience a magnificent world of art and a platform of the sky high.

Artistic Development Academy

Being a part of Musical Dreams, Artistic Development Academy provides professional level training and workshop in dance, music, singing and acting. By inducing various forms of performing arts, we not just make you presentable for various platforms but also make an effort for a better and lively mankind that spreads happiness and love around.

We aim to provide the right blend on technical know how & creativity to present our artistes & students at par with international performers. Our students have reached great heights as top contestants in various TV reality shows for playback singing, acting, dancing and modeling for various albums, commercials and cinema.

The academy studio also hosts open monthly community classes for all levels, interests and age groups only with a hope to carry on its vision of promoting performing arts from early childhood with same passion and quality we have always aimed.

Dancing is the Poetry of the foot.