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International Training Program

(International Dance Training Program):IDTP

This is a Professional Dance Training & Performance Certificate Program aimed at providing an unparalleled opportunity to our students who have a keen understanding and a strong desire to take their talent to a different level altogether. While developing a program of such high caliber, we had to recognize the strengths and skills that have emerged the world over from some of the most Prestigious Dancing Institutions.

Our efforts in conceiving this program were largely supported and enhanced by the kind suggestions and creative inputs from the qualified members of the Theatrical Profession and Mentors & Teachers of the Dance Industry, needless to say to whom we are deeply indebted.

Dance Class in delhi

The course will target to develop and strengthen the artistic, creative, technical and professional skills that a dancer needs at all levels for achieving Perfection in the dance form that is chosen, in order to be fully prepared for a high-flying career in Dancing. Our course will include a minimum of three dance disciplines and/or Choreography with supporting professional studies that greatly help in widening your knowledge base about your preferred subjects. While you will have opportunities to perform at different times during the tenure of the program, on our part we will also bring in a range of working professionals, dancers and choreographers for you to work with in helping and assessing your progress from time to time.

The key words in our Program namely, ‘International’ and ‘Training’, are both for a reason. It is our strong desire to have our students trained in a concept which is Internationally Appealing and has the Powerful Touch of Professional Training. To help our students enjoy a bright future in their dancing careers, we further encourage them to pursue their career training while performing with The Musical Dreams Team and other Dance Companies that we recommend in India and Abroad. Participation in such dance projects injects a strong belief and provides abundant exposure to our students while helping them open up and take complete charge over their shortcomings. At Musical Dreams, we recognize the importance of such procedures and feel this is a very important tool in raising World Class Dancers.

Our Daily Curriculum includes classes in: Classical Ballet Technique, Modern & Contemporary Dance, Pas de Deux, Jazz Dance, Commercial Dance, Company Repertory, Staging & Performing.

Our Specialty Classes include: Injury Prevention, Nutrition, Workplace Awareness, Repertory History, Make UP, Career Preparation & Professional Networking.

Intensive Workshops include: Indian Classical Kathak Dance, Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Bollywood, Free Style Dances and some other Indian and International dance forms.

However, practical training continues on stage throughout the duration of the course with performance productions and a variety of challenging and exciting projects. These wide range of performances stimulate our students on a continuous basis and help them to experience and register their own growth first hand. These programs are conducted in English with translation support for our Hindi speaking students.

The Academy provides various opportunities on merit basis to our students. In addition to regular performances in the major productions of the Academy in New Delhi, we also advise and push the talent of our Bright Stars in National and International Circles of Entertainment and Performing Arts Industry which helps them in making a glorious head-start in their lives and careers. Our good efforts are well rewarded when our students with our help and support,are able to create a name for themselves, as has been the case many a times in the past.

Further, many Professional Dancers and Teachers, Dance Students have joined our Academy to polish their skills and techniques and upgrade their knowledge. Subject to our screening, they also have the choice of studying our offered programs and become voluntary choreographers for our Company. This course of study consists of advanced training being imparted for a hands-on understanding of the Company’s full functioning in a Professional Set-Up. They are made to experience all this and more in a practical environment which gives them the required confidence in venturing out on their own later in life.

(Professional Singing Career Program) : PSCP:

This is a special initiative on our part for trained singers. To provide them with a platform and a grooming program which helps singers to reach higher career levels of professionalism and exhibit their talent with customized guidance and complete profile management. It covers areas such as stage presence, costumes, make-up, body language, audience interaction, guidance in music selection, coordinating and providing shows. An audition is required for enrollment to this course.

Suitable for Male and Female dancing & Singing students of 14 years and above. The applicants are personally required to undergo an audition and interview process. Alternatively, they may mail brief video auditions (up to 3 minutes) at The Musical Dreams Academy, 13, Sant Nagar, Main Road, East Of Kailash, New Delhi-110065 OR email to

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