Dance classes in Delhi

Founder's Note

I welcome you all to our beautiful world of Musical Dreams. A world where we all join hands to learn, to teach, to express, to understand and to motivate each other to make our life more joyous and glorious through the world of performing arts.

Musical Dreams is not just an academy or production house. It is a place where artistes of all fields come together to learn and share at their own pace and space, and create something close to their heart.

Once, a mother of my 4 year old student narrated this incident to me. Her few months old son was severely dehydrated and advised intravenous intervention as he was not consuming any water. As a last resort, after trying many tricks she played the song on which her daughter was learning a dance from me. And. Presto! As the music played and her sister danced he drank water and smiled. This really describes us as what we do. Spread happiness and hope.

I am and will always be ever so grateful to our students, parents, clients and Musical Dreams family for being with me and having that confidence for taking us ahead and turning little steps into milestones.

Musical Dreams
I love Acting! it is much more real than life.